Hard rock mining


As ground conditions worsen, ore grades become harder to reach and mines go deeper, miners are facing increasingly difficult situations. Our premium products focus on delivering optimised solutions that support productivity improvements and reduced risk profiles.

Our solutions include:

  • Safe and optimal ore recovery
  • Support with cavity and void filling
  • Ground control
  • Provisions for managing water ingress
  • Air control
The reality of modern life


Safety, productivity and asset optimisation are key drivers in the mining industry. For over 18 years we have helped hard rock customers maximise ore recovery and improve extraction outcomes in unmined areas, delivering substantial financial benefits. This legacy of innovation continues with our UniPass Bolting technology to make rock bolting safer, faster and more efficient.

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Minova is there at every step

+ 18 years experience helping mines increase revenue from extraction of additional resources.


  • Ore Recovery Optimisation
  • Ground Control
  • Water Control
  • Gas and Ventilation Control
  • Cavity and Backfilling
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