High strength, cable bolt anchoring grout. Supplied as a ready to use, free flowing, blended cementitious powder that only requires the addition of water in a high shear mixer. Stratabinder HS Slow Set is also available as a high strength, low viscosity grout for maximum strata penetration which remains workable for several hours.


Product Variants

  • Stratabinder HS
  • Stratabinder HS Slow Set
  • Stratabinder Premix


Product Image
Product Image
  • Rapid Strength Gain
  • Excellent Pumpability
  • Low Viscosity
  • High early strength reduces slippage of strata
  • Low viscosity, for maximum penetration into strata
  • High ultimate strength and low porosity ensure long term durability
  • Excellent pumpability
  • Chloride free
  • Slow setting option that remains workable for several hours (HS Slow Set)
  • 12 month shelf life


Typical properties using potable water are as follows:
PUMPING LIFE @ 20 Degree Celsius 360 Minutes
Typical properties using potable water
5 minutes 400 cups
5 Hours 480 Cups
Compressive Strength MPa at 0.45:1
1 Day 30 MPa
7 Days 65 MPa
28 Days 82 MPa
Product Options
  • Stratabinder HS 20KG - SKU NF0000045
  • Stratabinder Premix 20KG
  • Stratabinder HS Slow Set 20KG