Minova pumpable crib system has been specifically developed to provide enhanced standing and roof support in underground coal mining. Typically cribs are used for Gateroad support. The system provides a more productive means to install roof support in longwall mining operations, providing reduced safety exposure for operational personnel and more cost effective mine production. 

The system uses Tekpak P technology to deliver high early strength and support to help resist bed separation and convergence. The crib bag system has been specifically designed and developed for Australian underground mining conditions and safety requirements (FRAS Rated). The unique design of the crib bag enables over 400 tonne load bearing capability to be installed with this yielding system. The system has the flexibility to be pumped over long distances enabling ready application to many sites & mining applications from the one surface location.



Tekpak P is a pumpable crib material that offers substantial benefits in terms of roof control, speed and ease of installation. Tekpak P is a two part chemical system consisting of Tekcem and Tekbent which when mixed together rapidly reacts to produce a load bearing crib. Tekcem is a non-combustible brown blended cement powder which forms an easy to pump slurry with water. Tekbent is a non-combustible low viscosity non setting liquid. Tekbent has an indefinite pumping life and Tekcem is pumpable for at least 24 hours.



Product Image
Product Image
  • Speed of installation
  • Improved safety
  • High strength
Product Features
  • Installation time is significantly reduced over other existing methods
  • Filled in a single pumping operation in about 12 to 15 minutes
  • Simple to set up for underground operation
  • Reduced safety risk exposure for operators in carrying loads to the work area and installing cribs
  • Delivers a superior support loading which yields controllably to ground pressure
  • Delivers more cost effective support infrastructure