CARBO SIL20 is a two - component repair resin for closing plaster cracks non-positively.

CARBO SIL20 is a two-component repair resin. Component A is a special water glass and Component B is a modified polyisocyanate. The curing of component A during the reaction results in a silicate; simultaneously a solid polyisocyanurate/polyurea is formed from the component B.

Product Image
  • Tough - elastic product
  • High chemical resistance
  • Cures to a non-foaming resin with a solid elasticity
  • The two solids form an interpenetrating network
  • Once the components are mixed adequately, the resulting viscous emulsion will not take up any more water
  • The cured product is resistant to acids, alkalis, salt solutions and many organic solvents

Product Options
  • The components can be delivered in 0.75 l units.