Lokset™ Products

Lokset products are polyester based resins designed for rock-bolting and fastening of short anchoring elements.

We have manufactured Lokset resin capsules since the late 1960's and are the leading supplier and innovator in this field. Our development and manufacturing ensures security of supply, service and support.

The Lokset system consists of an easily handled cartridge, containing a highly reinforced polyester resin component, together with its catalyst, in accurately measured quantities. The rotation of the bolt during installation ruptures the capsule, shreds the skin and mixes the two components causing a chemical reaction and transforming the resin mastic into a solid anchor.

The Lokset resin capsule series is available in multiple configurations of single/double length combinations, diameter, set time, set time combinations, viscosity and shelf life.


Did you know?

The oldest reference Minova has for Lokset® resin anchors was the strengthening of the London Heathrow Airport road access tunnel in 1963 to allow heavy jets to land. Since then there have been numerous applications across the world in mining applications, highway tunnels, civil applications and a submarine base.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Easy to install
  • Quick and high load transfer
  • Optimised for rock-bolts and drill-holes
Product Features
  • Used for face anchoring with steel or GFRP bolts and consolidation of the face
  • Resistant to anchoring failure caused by blasting or vibration
  • Effectively contribute to corrosion protection of the rock-bolts
  • Allow the option of having partly or fully encapsulated rock-bolts
  • Full-column bonded bolts strongly resist the horizontal and lateral strata movement associated with convergence

Product Options
  • Lokset™ Resin Capsules
  • Lokset™ Anchor Pack
  • Lokset™ TOOSPEEDIE Resin Capsule