Lokset™ Anchor Pack

Lokset™ Anchor Pack is a pourable resin grout formulated for grouting machinery anchor bolts.

It is a two-part flowable product consisting of a polyester resin and catalysed filler. It is formulated for ease of mixing and placing and can safely be used where the difference between the anchor bolt and hole diameter does not exceed 25 mm.

Product Image
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Suitable for dynamic loading applications
  • Corrosion resistant
Product Features
  • Applicable on rough-sided, dry, dust-free holes
  • Not affected by mine water
  • Temperature tolerant
  • Mixing may be carried out manually or mechanically
  • Application using rotary percussive drills with air or water flashing
  • On a 25 mm diameter anchor bolt, a load in excess of 250 kN / 100 mm of bar length can be expected in competent rock

Product Options
  • Available in two grades: fast and standard
  • Estimating pack size: 5 litres