Lokset™ Toospeedie™ Resin Capsules

Lokset™ TOOSPEEDIE Resin Capsule is a two-speed polyester resin anchoring system increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Lokset™ TOOSPEEDIE remains to be the most groundbreaking capsule solution in the evolution of resin bolting.

This product eliminates the need to use multiple resin capsules to achieve pre-tensioning of fully encapsulated resin grouted rock bolts. It is used as an anchoring medium for rock bolts and long tendons to provide primary roof support in mines and tunnels.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Reduced handling and wastage
  • Variable speed
  • Quick, high load transfer
Product Features
  • A unique design of capsule configuration enabling extremely effective mixing of resin mastic and catalyst compartments
  • Rapid insertion, easy and quick to use
  • Higher compressive strength, strong, rapid and consistent anchorage
  • Guarantees both fast and slow set resin is installed
  • Both speeds compatible giving reduced back pressure and easier penetration
  • No plastic or cardboard joiners required
  • Allows roof bolt to be tensioned immediately after installation
  • Acts as a reinforcement that clamps the individual strata layers together into a single high strength beam
  • Protects bolt from corrosion, can be used in wet or underwater conditions
  • It is not affected by vibration
  • Thanks to the fact that no expansion stresses take place, it can be used in weak strata

Product Options
  • Lokset™ TOOSPEEDIE™ resin capsules are for any temperatures up to 30ºC.
  • The capsules are packed in cardboard cartons and supplied on wooden pallets, shrink-wrapped.