CarboSolv S

CarboSolv S is a biodegradable lubricant for flushing and preserving injection pumps.

It is a lubricant based on synthetic esters, that is readily biodegradable and is compatible with standard sealing materials such as Viton, FPM, HBNR, AU, NBR.

Product Image
  • Free of halogens and water
  • Not soluble in water
  • Easy to handle
  • It is more than 90 % biodegradable in 14 days
  • Resin injection pumps, especially for one component material, have to be flushed after use
  • It is recommended, to flush the pump first with a low viscous solvent CarboSolv and subsequently use CarboSolv S

Product Options
  • CarboSolv S can be delivered in 5 and 20 l units.
  • For further information on available options please contact your local representative.