BEVEDOL / BEVEDAN is a line of two-component polyurethane (PU) resins that helped define the standards for stabilisation injection works in underground mining.

These resins have been developed based on the knowledge of specific problems arising during excavation and mining operations – especially that of maintaining the direct overburden stability and the stability of the coal face.

These products are fast reacting two-component (2C) polyurethane resins designed to stabilise and consolidate the convergent or disrupted strata, with an excellent sealing effect on gases and water.


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  • Fast setting – quick effect of injection works
  • Excellent mechanical parameters – adhesion, tensile & compressive strength
  • Semi-plastic behavior - no brittle fracture under rock-stress
Product Features
  • Ready-to-use resin injection system – there is no need to prepare grout by pre-mixing (activation)
  • The 1:1 ratio of the 2C resin system ensures constant mechanical properties of the injected resin
  • The final product is impermeable for gases and water
  • Excellent penetration in small cracks in rock strata