BEVEDOL S21 / BEVEDAN 1F is a fast-reacting two component free of CFCs and halogen, foaming polyurethane (PUR) injection system used to consolidate highly convergent strata.

BEVEDOL S21 is a mixture of various polyols and additives which reacts with BEVEDAN 1F to form a tough/hard polyurethane resin foam.

BEVEDAN 1F is an isocyanate component on MDI basis. For solidification of largely loosened, dry or slightly moist strata zones.

This product is used in rock stabilisation, injection bolting and sealing against gas for cracks of more than 0.14 mm width.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Rapid reaction time
  • Excellent adhesive strength
  • High mechanical resistance
Product Features
  • A variety of grades to suit numerous application situations
  • Low viscosity allowing good penetration into small fissures
  • Excellent adhesive strength forming strong bond with strata
  • Quick reaction time to reduce migration and loss of material
  • Yields to ground pressure, accommodating subsequent movement
  • High mechanical resistance gives improved support of strata
  • Consolidates brittle and fractures wet and water-bearing strata
  • Seals against water with hydrostatic pressure

Product Options
  • BEVEDOL S21 and BEVEDAN 1F - 30 l in a can
  • BEVEDOL S21 and BEVEDAN 1F - 200 l in a drum
  • BEVEDOL S21 and BEVEDAN 1F - 1000 l in an IBC
  • BEVEDOL S21 and BEVEDAN 1F is also available in two-component foil cartridge