BEVEDOL WF21 / BEVEDAN 1 is a two component, foaming polyurethane (PUR) injection system used to consolidate highly convergent strata.

The system consists of a resin (Bevedol®) and a catalyst (Bevedan®) which is delivered into the strata via a pump unit and injection gun.

The two components mix in the gun, which initiates the reaction of the product.

The low viscosity mixture penetrates the smallest fissures, hardens and ensures the consolidation and sealing of the area submitted to treatment.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Rapid reaction time
  • Excellent adhesive strength
  • High mechanical resistance
Product Features
  • Adhesive class: instantaneous
  • To be used for cracks of more than 0.2 mm width.
  • Consolidation in wet or water-bearing strata
  • Safety of the face-to-track transition
  • Sealing against water inflow from strata dams or shaft walls also against salt-water
  • Restoration of wet shafts
  • Special applications
  • Free of CFCs and halogen

Product Options
  • BEVEDOL WF21 and BEVEDAN 1 - approx. 21 l in a can
  • BEVEDOL WF21 and BEVEDAN 1 - approx. 1000 l in a IBC