WilkitFoam T

WilkitFoam T is a rapidly reacting, two-component silicate resin system.

This strongly expanding foam filler is suitable for spray-on application and is used for cavity filling, consolidation, sealing, water stopping and cavity stabilisation.

WilkitFoam T, Comp. A is a modified water glass, and component B is a modified isocyanate. After mixing the resin starts producing carbon dioxide gas and water vapour within a few seconds, thus forming a light-weight foam.

In free-rise foaming, the surface has a brittle touch in the beginning (“sanding off”), but after some hours, the foam becomes semi elastic throughout.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Fast reacting
  • Resistant against acids and brine
  • Reaction not affected by water
Product Features
  • Neither component contains any volatile organic compounds or plasticisers
  • WilkitFoam T may be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces
  • The components, A and B, are pumped via a dual component pump at the volumetric ratio 1 : 1
  • Product applicable at ambient temperatures between 10 °C and 40 °C

Product Options
  • The components can be delivered in 20/26/200/1000 l units.