Solutions For Mining

Minova is the leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical-based consumables, steel strata support systems, associated equipment and services for rock bolting and ground consolidation. The business provides both proprietary and custom-engineered applications based on more than 30 years experience of industry specialization.

Minova has steel and resin manufacturing facilities located around the world.  These plants produce a complete range of regionally-customized products, including:

  • Lokset® Resin Cartridges
  • Airtite® Sealant
  • Tekflex® PM
  • Tekseal®
  • Tekfoam
  • Tension Rebar Bolt
  • Double Lok™ Bolt
  • Low Profile Cable Bolt
  • Mechanical Bolt
  • Roof Channel
  • Header Rebar Bolt

Our Technical team responsible for developing our innovative and technologically superior product range is supported by our Quality & Environmental Affairs staff who ensure all of our products meet, or exceed, industry standards.