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CarboSolv D

Cleanser for polyurethane applications, especially for flushing and cleaning pumps and hoses.

  • superior cleaning and dissolving effect

  • nearly inflammable

  • low viscous

  • mild smell

  • biodegradable

CarboSolv D is slightly degreasing, thus, after skin contact embrocate with regreasing ocam.

CarboSolv S

Biodegradable lubricant for flushing and preserving injection pumps

  • free of halogen and water

  • not soluble in water

  • more than 90% biodegradable in 14 days

CarboSolv U

Universal cleanser for degreasing and cleaning of implements, especially for cleaning pumps, which were used with polyurethane/silicate resins.

Electric Drive Void Filling Pumps

An electric driven positive displacement worm pump and feeder unit. This pump is suitable for use with Minova's range of aerated cement products.

MK1 Pump

This pump is recommended where more than 20kg of grout is to be mixed at any one time. The pump is equipped with a measuring flask. Recommended maximum mix is 40kg of cable grout.

MK2 Pump

Mixer features a water level mark at 4 litres. This is enough to mix 10kg of grout powder (one bag).

MK3 Pump

Mixer features a water level mark at 4 and 8 litres. This pump is recommended for a 10kg or 20kg grout mixture.

Pre-Stress Combo 2000 Pump

The unique Minova Pre-Stress Combo 2000 Pumps compresses and air operated pre-stress pump combination.

Resin Injectors

The resin injector is used to load resin capsules into roofbolt holes, and consists of a plunger within a hollow tube.

Single Bin Mixer Grout Pump System

It is ideal for smaller sites where a single bin mixer is required and can be assembled and running in minutes. The unit is suitable for anchor bolt grouting, soil nailing, foundation piling and void filling. To order the complete system as shown right please quote Reference No. 56GTP SBSYS. To order the major component parts use references below.

SS1 Air Operated Pump

This pump is available in either 5 or 6 litre capacity. This pump is air operated with no moving parts and low maintenance.

SS2 Air-Operated Pump

A 2.5 litres air operated pump with no moving parts and low maintenance.

TSL Combo Pump for Thin Spray Liners

A continuous mix and pumping unit electric or air driven for the application of Minova's range of Thin Spray Liners (TSL's) and bagged pumpable grouts.