CarboPur are fast-reacting, two-component (2C) PU injection resins, developed for water-stopping and consolidation of ground and structures.

CarboPur resins production line offers high-quality materials for temporary or permanent applications with different reaction data and resin behavior, applicable in infrastructure and civil engineering.

These resins are applicable over a wide range of temperatures and act effectively even against pressurised water.

CarboPur WX is used for stabilisation in wet or water bearing rock formations. It is used for sealing water tributaries from rock formations, dams, or shaft walls. It can be used in renovation of wet shafts, tunnels, sewers, or brickwork.

CarboPur WS is used for curtain injection in tunnels, dams, or on shaft walls; sealing against water, stabilisation, consolidation and repairing of cracks &/or fissures.

CarboPur WFA is used for sealing strong water ingress, pits, pipelines, shafts, and tunnels.

Product Image
  • Environmentally friendly injection resin
  • Excellent penetration ability
  • Excellent mechanical properties of cured resin
Product Features
  • Range of ultra-fast to slow injection resins suitable for various ambient conditions
  • Impermeable against water and gases