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CarboLith PL


CarboLith PL is a three component system, the curing time of which can be adjusted by the addition of com-ponent C.


CarboLith PL component A is a special water-glass component (aqueous sodium silicate) with additives. Component B is a modified polyisocyanate. Component C is a blend of additives improving the components and regulating the pot life of the mix. 


The curing of component A results in a silicate; simultaneously a solid polyisocyanurate/polyurea is formed from the component B. 

Final product: 

Together they form an interpenetrating network, a tough-elastic, non-foamed silicate resin (organomineral resin) 

In conjunction with Advantex® glass, a properly placed short liner can endure multiple washings with 120 bar (1700 psi) (at the nozzle) without significant damage even after only 3 days curing.6 Please note for safety reasons that you must limit the pressure at the rising nozzle on 80 bar (1130 psi) (water temperature < 20 °C, not longer than 3 min in a place) 

  • It is resistant against acids and alkali (24 hours storage in 10 % sulphuric acid or 5 % caustic soda)2,7, like-wise against a multiplicity of organic and inorganic liquids such as gasoline, diesel and mineraloils.
  • It complies with the German requirements for large and small scale seals in drinking water.
  • Also after 200000 changes of “Darmstädter Kipprinne” the short placed short liner was waterproof

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Safety Data Sheet (Comp A)
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