Mesh provides surface support coverage to loose rock between installed bolts. Mesh variants include steel welded mine mesh, ausro straps, Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) mesh and polypropylene mesh.


    • Welded mine mesh is primarily used in Hard Rock Mining and used in conjunction with ribbed and friction bolts. Available in multiple configurations including numerous sheet sizes, apertures, wire diameters and black or galvanised wire
    • Ausro straps are yielding straps used in unstable ground conditions to improve surface support
    • GFRP mesh complies with standard grid applications and provides durability and cuttability. Comparable to welded steel mesh with added advantage of being lightweight. Suitable for roof support and shotcrete reinforcement 
    • Tensar Biaxial Geogrid mesh is a stiff, monolithic geogrid mesh made from flame retardant polypropylene. Mesh is available in rolls and can be cut to size at point of application. Available in black or white colour with UV inhibitor.


  • Flexible Formats
  • Cuttable Mesh Variants
  • Low Weight GFRP Mesh