We have installed ventilation seals throughout Australian coal mines for more than 15 years. We offer full roadway evaluation, seal design and contract installation of explosion rated seals. Our installed structures are fully rated and quality control tested to ensure construction is completed according to design specifications.

Working with a NSW coal mine we developed an approved design and using FB200 installed a plug seal rated to 120 psi. The FB200 was pumped 160m deep down a borehole and 700m horizontally to complete six bulkheads.


Did you know?

Our team have more than 20 years’ experience of design and installation (including live and engineered designs) in Australia. We have developed an extensive database of ventilation designs for even the most challenging applications. 

Only contractor to have completed live explosion testing of ventilation seal designs.



Our concrete and plug seals can be individually designed to suit the strata conditions and roadway dimensions of most underground mines. Plug seals are typically constructed using our pumpable high volume grouts including FB200 and Tekseal. Explosion rated Tekseal plug seals have been tested to withstand blast pressures up to 120psi.


Product Features of FB200

• Rapid placement and quick strength gain
• Rapid gelling, quickly seals leakage paths
• Yields to ground pressure thereby reducing stress concentration
• Non-shrinking and low alkalinity making product safe to handle


Product Features of Tekseal

• Explosive resistant ventilation seals
• Excellent durability
• Rapid placement


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Product Image
Product Image
  • Customised plug seal designs
  • Explosion rated seals
  • Quality control tested
Product Features
  • Complete ventilation plug seal in 4-6 hours (from the surface)
  • Management of accurate water ratio every time