For more than 20 years we have engineered, designed, supplied and installed steel ventilation control devices (VCD's).

Our steel VCD products and service solutions are customised to suit our customer’s site specific requirements and engineered to conform with the requirements of underground coal mine legislation. Our focus is to continually offer VCD product designs which are safe to handle and improve installation times. All VCD’s are equipped with convenient and rated lifting points, allowing easier and safety handling during installation.

To ensure the longevity of our products, all steel structures are sand blasted and coated with a high build acrylic resin applied directly to the bare steel as a combined primer and topcoat. Two-coat epoxy paints and galvanizing can be also provided on request.

We supply overcasts, machine doors (vehicle doors), man-doors, coffin seals, access hatches for seals, air-locks and consumables. We also provide 2, 5, 20 and 50 psi rated steel VCDs including consumables cast into stoppings, goaf seals and formwork systems (Tecmesh and Meshblock).

Overcast Systems

The Minova overcast systems provide a tried and tested method to separate air paths, preventing contamination. Overcasts are made to a standard size with four 1.3m wide panels, a standard internal clearance height of 3.1 to 3.5m and 6m wide. Each wall is stabilised with two struts bolted to the floor and an innovative U beam roof bracing that has been incorporated into the roof panels eliminating the need for roof struts.


  • The overcast system can incorporate other ventilation control devices including man doors and air locks into its design
  • Flexible design allows provision for changes in the floor profile with 9m adjustable swing hinged ramps
  • Easy attachment of formwork providing a backing for pneumatically spraying the wings and lips to seal the overcast to the strata
  • Minova provides both Gypsum and cement-based shotcrete for sealing the overcast to the roadway periphery


Vehicle Access Doors

Vehicle access doors are available with two or three hinged leaves. Every set of machine doors has an air relief slider which can be configured for manual and pneumatic operation. Can be fitted with a 1.5m high, 5 psi rated man door with air relief slider. Doors incorporate bottom and central sealing rubber flaps and are fitted with three lifting lugs. Roof braces can be added for extra stability for use in higher ceilings. We can supply pneumatic controls for coal mine vehicle access doors.


  • Pneumatic operation removes the risk of injury that can be caused by manual operation
  • Door interlock and motion alarms can be provided
  • No requirement for electricity at the installation site
  • Simple design and lower installation costs compared to hydraulic systems
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Easy to transport kits are available and include a control box and pneumatic cylinders


Man Doors

Man doors are designed to be installed into sprayed stoppings with standard sizes of 1x1 metre or 1x 1.5m. Optional air-relief sliders designed to minimse jamming from debris. Can also be designed as a louvre air regulator or as access through Minova’s Flexistop flexible stopping. Designed to be interchangeable on all Minova structures. Floor mounted man-doors are also supplied for Flexistop flexible stoppings.


Coffin Seals

Coffin seals are designed to suit various belt sizes. These structures are easy to install with the main structure.
Coffin seals can be installed in situ as they can be broken down into component parts.


Access Hatches

Access hatches are designed so that the doors can be shut while the operator is outside the hatch. Once the installation is complete and all the doors have been bolted shut, the hatch can be left for filling at a later time through filling ports.
Available in various thicknesses to suit ventilation seal designs. The hatch is designed for an overpressure rating of 50 psi prior to concrete filling.


Air Locks

A standard 5 psi air-lock has dimensions 3 m length x 2.0 m height x 1.5 m width with 1.5 x 1 meter man doors. Air-locks can be supplied as a flat pack unit for easy assembly on site or as fully assembled units.



Minova is able to supply a variety of consumables ranging from telescoping stopping poles to water traps, pipes, depth gauges for spray thickness, Flexistop pipe manifolds and gas sample tubes. All inclusions such as water traps and inertisation pipes are galvanized.

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  • Innovative approach to design offering customised solutions
  • Engineering design to AS 4100 and assessed by registered RPEQ engineers (Professional Engineers of Queensland)
  • Protective coatings for harsh environments
  • Product versatility
  • Improved safe handling