CARBO P-GRUND11 is a high quality single-component polyurethane primer for the precoating of absorbent and non-absorbent underlays.

This product is a solvent- and softener - free primer that converts to a hard and matt film after being exposed to air humidity.

It is used to solidify excoriated floor fringes and for sealing concrete surfaces against contamination with oil, grease, salt, or other chemicals.

Product Image
  • Creates an impermeable protective layer
  • Easy and fast application
  • Very low emission
  • It is suitable for surfaces with integrated floor heating
  • It combats capillary rising moisture in cement screeds
  • Applicable at a processing temperature of 15 oC –30 oC and within an air humidity below 65%

Product Options
  • It can be delivered in 5/10 l units.