CarboStop 402

CarboStop 402 is a water-reactive one-component resin used for sealing in tunnels and underground constructions. It is also used in geotechnical and water constructions, as well as in off-shore constructions.

CarboStop 402 resin consists of modified isocyanates with additives. CarboStop 402 ACC is a catalyst mixture designed to adapt the reaction speed to the situation.

To adapt the reaction speed, the accelerator CarboStop 402 ACC is added to the resin and mixed before pumping.

The reaction begins when the mix comes in contact with water. The reacted material has a high amount of closed cells under compressed as well as free rise conditions.

Product Image
  • Reacting fast with water
  • Works with high-pressure water
  • Grouts fine to grained sands
Product Features
  • Stopping of water inflow under high pressure and speed (including salt water)
  • Used for stabilisation and sealing of loose rock
  • Used for sealing of cracks and joints
  • Suitable for deep injection in soil, gravel and fractured strata
  • Suitable for the injection of medium to larger cracks, fissures, honeycombs and joints
  • Used in injections of man-accessible sewer lines and tubes
  • After the addition of the catalyst, the mixture has a shelf life of at least 48 hours, when protected from moisture or direct contact with water
  • The reactivity of the grout can be adjusted to the given situation using CarboStop 402 ACC
  • The foaming factor is generally higher in wide cracks or in loose gravel and it is not altered by the turbulence of the water streams
  • It is characterised by his high flexibility and elasticity
  • It is solvent and CFC free

Product Options
  • CarboStop 402– 20 kg in a can
  • CarboStop 402– 200 kg in a steel drum
  • CarboStop 402– 30 tin containers per euro-pallet
  • CarboStop 402 ACC– 1 kg in a 1-kg-PE-bottles
  • CarboStop 402 ACC– 10 kg in a can
  • CarboStop 402 ACC– 5 paperboard containers with twelve 1kg-PE-bottles per euro-pallet