Highway D1 Prešov Tunnel

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Highway D1 Prešov Tunnel

Location: Prešov, Slovakia

Minova products supported construction of tunnel in Prešov, which was part of the highway project D1 Bratislava - Košice. The route has been under construction since the 1960s.

Minova supplied our clients Metrostav and Tucon with hydraulic bolts, SN bolts, Self-Drilling bolts and drilling tools.

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Highway D1 Prešov Tunnel


The Prešov tunnel formed a key section of the section near the county town of Prešov.

With 2244 meters in length, the project lasted 4 years with Minova supporting our clients Metrostav and Tucon in the excavation stage.

The main challenge of the project was the geological hazards facing the excavation. Geological survey were not able to capture all environmental parameters resulting in our clients having to be ready to respond flexibly to the geological situations met on the tunnel face.


Our solution was to provide quality and reliable material. Our Clients stocked our material on their site to ensure that it is at hand to allow them to access to the required bolts when necessary. Minova technical team has been on site as well, providing important technical advice and support to ensure that the right materials are used throughout the construction phase.


The tunnel excavation was completed in advance. The construction works of the secondary lining is currently in progress. The highway section will be open to the public in 2021.


Case study