​CarboCryl are unique methacrylate injection systems for sealing small water inflows used in construction for joint repairing, sealing and water stopping.

CarboCryl products have a watery consistency and is injected into structures. They sets as a gel in any pores and fissures. The treated area then has the strength and waterproofing characteristics required. CarboCryl products are also solvent-free, making it an environmentally friendly solution for these types of repair projects.

CarboCryl are well suited for use in the following applications:

  • Injection barrier for sealing basements against water seepage and ingress
  • Horizontal barrier against rising humidity in brick work
  • Injection of fissures against oppressive or non-oppressive water
  • Pressure sealing of injection hoses
  • Repair of defective tunnel sealing membranes
Product Image
Product Image
  • ​Watery viscosity
  • No organic solvents
  • Swells slightly when in contact with water
Product Features
  • ​Exceptionally good penetration into brickwork and fine sand
  • Swells slightly and prevents further ingress of water
  • Environmentally friendly with a high chemical resistance
  • Ease to use
  • Applied with a pneumatic two component pump