Capram™ Products

Capram™ products are used for easy grouting of rock anchors, particularly of overhead roof bolts.

The Capram system was designed to afford an easy method of reliably achieving full column cement grouting in a hole of any size.

It can be used for pre- or post grouting, giving you the right flexibility when it matters the most.

Capram products can be used as a pumpable grout material as well as capsules, allowing for wider product application and adaptability.

The products are manufactured in South Africa and are available in the African region.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Non-shrink
  • Chloride free
  • Thixotropic
Product Features
  • Expansion agents counteract shrinkage and ensure effective contact between bar and grout
  • Rapid strength development without the use of chlorides ensures absence of corrosion
  • No loss of grout even from overhead holes, due to the thixotropic nature of the grout

Product Options
  • Capram™ Pumpable Grout
  • Capram™ Capsules