Cable Bolts

Natural movement in rock strata can threaten a safe work environment. Our Cable Bolts are designed to perform despite lateral strata movement.

Cable Bolts incorporate much higher strength than traditional bolts with incomparable flexibility to adjust to the movement of the earth’s strata.

Product Image
Product Image
Product Image
  • Used with existing bolting equipment
  • Cost effective
  • Available in various lengths
Product Features
  • Lower costs by enhancing ventilation
  • Strengthen and reinforce roof structures
  • Available in two diameters
  • Minimise use of cribbing or standing supports
  • Galvanised strand is available for applications where stand times are greater than one year
  • Provide improved resin mixing and anchorage
  • Available in passive or post-tensioned systems

Product Options
  • Cable Bolts KL 15.5 and KL 15.5 K
  • Cable Bolts KL 18 and KL 18.5 K
  • Cable Bolts KLW Type