CarboStop one component (1C) PU resin production line includes a range of products dedicated especially for temporary water-stopping (pre-injection).

Special types with closed-cell resin structure were developed to increase ground impermeability or seal joints in civil structures.

These products are used for:

Grouting of fine to very fine hair line cracks and water-carrying sands or porous materials. Used for deep injecting, fixing of anchors, stabilisation and sealing of loose rock, stoppage of water inflow (also salt water), injecting of man-accessible sewer lines and tubes.

Stopping water inflow (also salt water), stabilisation and water sealing of loose rock, grouting of fine to medium-fine grained sands and gravel, fixing of anchors, injection of cracks, honeycombs, injections of man-accessible sewer lines and tubes

Stopping of water inflow (also salt water), sealing of loose rock, sealing of cracks and expansion joints in bridges and concrete structures. For use in deep injection, grouting of medium-fine to larger cracks, fissures, honeycombs, injections of man-accessible sewer lines and tubes where high elasticity and flexibility is required.

Stopping of flowing water, restoration of concrete structures according to German ZTV-ING.


Product Image
  • Quick or adjustable start of the reaction (depends on resin type)
  • Applicable with 1C or 2C injection pumps
  • Immediate functionality of pre-injection works
Product Features
  • Applicable with various types of TAM/sleeved injection pipes
  • Excellent ability to stop the water – permanent or temporary impermeability