CarboCryl Wv

CarboCryl Wv is a fast sealing hydrophilic 3-component acrylate gel for use in construction.

CarboCryl Wv, A1, is an aqueous acrylate solution. CarboCryl Wv, A2, is an accelerator based on amines. The hardener CarboCryl Wv, B2, a peroxide salt, is a solid, which is soluble in water. CarboCryl does not contain acrylamide.

After mixing, the hardener triggers the polymerisation of the methacrylate yielding an elastic gel.

CarboCryl Wv Can be used with CarboCryl Plus for repair of dilatation joints.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Sealing of water even under high pressure
  • Adjustable curing speed
  • High elasticity
Product Features
  • CarboCryl does not contain acrylamide nor its derivatives
  • Excellent penetration capacity due to water-like viscosity
  • Chemical resistance vs. most organic, or inorganic liquids
  • Applicable at temperatures from 5 °C to 30 °C
  • Not degradable by bacteria or fungi, which occur in soil
  • Used for water sealing, grout curtains in soil, etc

Product Options
  • Component A1 (methacrylate) 25 l (20kg)
  • Component A2 (accelerator) 1 l (0,5 kg)
  • Component B2 (hardener) 1 l (300g or 1000g)