Capcem™ 50 Capsules

Capcem™ 50 Capsules can be used for easy grouting in rock anchoring applications, as encountered in mining and tunnelling.

Capcem™ 50 capsules are supplied as ready to use dry powder encapsulated in a water permeable skin.

When required for use, the capsules are soaked in water which is absorbed through the skin, forming a thixotropic non-shrink grout.

The capsules absorb the correct amount of water and can be used where rock temperature is in the range 40°C to 60°C.

Product Image
  • Non-shrink
  • Chloride free
  • Thixotropic
Product Features
  • Controlled water/powder ratio
  • Eliminates the need for mixing equipment
  • Ensures minimal wastage of grout
  • Expansion agents counteract shrinkage and ensure effective contact between bar and grout
  • No loss of grout even from overhead holes takes place, due to the thixotropic nature of the grout
  • Rapid strength development without the use of chlorides ensures absence of corrosion
  • Suitable for use in warmer rock temperatures


Product Options
Product Information
  • 25 mm diameter
  • 30 or 40 capsules per bag
  • Minimum Grout volume yield per capsule: 125 ml