Carbofill is a two component phenolic resin used for cavity filling.

Carbofill is and instant foaming two-component phenolic foam used for:

 - Filling of cavities e.g. in roads, longwalls and rise drifts

 - Filling of cavities to prevent gas accumulations

 - Filling of roadside packs against air leakage from the goaf

 - Construction of dams for fire fighting

 - Sealing of end dams

 - Sealing and filling for fighting fire e.g. by Wiborex bolt

 - Stabilisation of broken fragments in the end positions of the longwall

 - Gas sealing of the roadside embankment


We recommend using PHENET rinsing liquid for cleaning of the equipment contaminated with Carbofill Component A.

Product Image
  • Foams up immediately
  • Does not transmit fire
  • Can be heaped up easily
Product Features
  • Due to the fast reaction, the foam can be heaped up easily without flowing away
  • CARBOFILL foams up immediately after mixing of the components and can be placed without complicated and time-consuming sheeting
  • CARBOFILL does not transmit fire, as proven in the fire test (cf. approval)

Product Options
  • The components can be delivered in 20 l units.