Durafoam is a high yield, single component mineral and cement-based binder used for void filling, creating ventilation and explosion resistant seals, backfilling and gallery sealing and more specialised applications.

After blending with the appropriate amount of water and foaming in a suitable machine, this chloride-free grout sets to become a durable foam.

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  • Low transport cost
  • Ease and safety of use
  • Non-flammable
  • Has a high yield - 12 m³ of foam made from 1 tonne of powder
  • Used for filling voids above and outside of mining excavation roof support
  • Granted the Mining Certificate OBAC/0214/CB/17
  • Granted the Hygienic Certificate HK/B/0792/01/2014

Product Options
  • Packed in 25 kg valve sack - 40 bags per pallet