Resin Bolts Type RM-20 and POK-22

Resin Bolts Type RM-20 and POK-22 are used for roof and ribs support in mine working areas as an independent or additional roof support system. They are also used to suspend various components of mining equipment.

RM-20 bolt is a steel reinforcing bar of nominal diameter dn=20 mm, while POK-22 bolts have a nominal rod diameter of dn=22 mm according to PN-82/H93215. They are made of 34GS steel.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Suitable for use at low mining headings
  • Big variety of nuts and washers available
  • Split bolt version can be made
Product Features
  • Finished RM-20 rods have a rolled top of ø16 mm beveled to 12 mm
  • POK-22 rods have a square 12 x 12 mm end. Such ends allow the rod to be turned in the hole
  • The bolts can be used with a square washer, square washer with a side hole or round washer
  • Washers are made of 6mm plate
  • Certificate issued by Central Mining Institute in Katowice - safety mark No. B/1194/V/2017

Product Options
  • RM20
  • POK- 22