Conbex™ Backfill Binder

Conbex Backfill Binder is a blend of inorganic cementitious powders that act as a binder for milled mine tailings used in backfilling.

The required percentage of Conbex must be determined by actual test, using the actual tailings and actual mine conditions. Typical additions are 5-8% to obtain 1.0 MPa after 28 days.

The rate of strength gain can be affected by the following:

 - Wet density (solids content)

 - pH

 - Particle size distribution

 - Dissolved chemicals

 - Temperature

Product Image
  • Ideal for high water content tailings slurries
  • Superior strength development
  • Lower cost than pure cement systems
Product Features
  • Extensively proven in use
  • Compressive strength of 1.2 MPa, 7 days after application
  • Delayed setting reduces likelihood of blocking pipelines

Product Options
  • Conbex Backfill as supplied in bulk by tanker