Capcem™ 4/4 F Pumpable Grout

For fast grouting of rock anchors, particularly of overhead roof bolts as encountered in mining and tunnelling applications, where rapid strength development is required, and where rock temperature may exceed 35°C.

Capcem™ 4/4 F Pumpable Grout is supplied as a ready-to-use dry powder encapsulated in a water permeable skin, 2 or 3 capsules per bag.

When required for use, the capsules are soaked in water, which is absorbed through the skin, to form a thixotropic non-shrink grout which has a fast rate of strength gain. The capsules are best used with a purpose-made SS1 Grout Pump.

Product Image
  • Minimal wastage of grout
  • Non-shrink
  • Chloride free
  • Rapid strength development
  • Ensures a controlled water: powder ratio
  • Eliminates the need for mixing equipment
  • Expansion agents counteract shrinkage and ensure effective contact between bar and grout
  • Absence of chlorides ensures no corrosion takes place
  • Thanks to the thixotropic nature of the grout, there is no grout loss even from overhead holes
  • The higher the rock temperature within the recommended range, the faster the set and more rapid the strength gain

Product Options
  • Capcem™ 4/4 F Pumpable Grout capsules are available in soakable capsules or bulk packed for direct mixing with water.