Tyta Resin Rock Bolts

Tyta bolts are made with larger threads that extend the useful life of the bolt, and allow the bolt to be re-tightened as needed.

Rock bolt assemblies with extended-length coarse thread, for multiple re-tightening after installation with resin capsules. Assemblies comprise the stud, matching nut and bearing plate washer, in a variety of bolt diameters and lengths. Rock bolt assemblies are packaged as complete, ready-to install units.

The stud portion of the Rock Bolt Assembly comprises a deformed steel bar with a cold-rolled thread at one end.
The Tyta Bolt has a 6mm pitch knuckle thread, with proprietary form, from lengths of 200 mm up to a maximum of 500 mm in length.

Product Image
  • High resistance to damage caused by blasting
  • Easy re-tightening of the nut
  • Improved nut fitment during the meshing process
Product Features
  • Unique thread has high resistance to damage caused by blasting
  • Improved cleaning of the thread thanks to its form
  • Used when the ground is scaling and multiple re-tightening of the nuts is required
  • Mesh is fitted in a second operation, after primary bolting
  • Used when rock surface is very uneven, requiring long travel of the nut to tighten mesh against the surface

Product Options
  • Bundles of 10 bolts, with alternating threaded /cropped ends
  • One bolt per bundle has the washers and load indicators
  • Each bundle is securely strapped
  • Additional load indicators can be supplied to customer specification
  • The bolts are fitted on a pallet in bundles of 100 bolts for transportation
  • For further information on available options please contact your local representative.