Minoterm is a sprayable, two-component phenolic foam used for fire and methane hazard prevention by spraying, filling voids, and sealing mined-out openings and walkways.

The foam is obtained after mixing component A (aqueous solution of phenolformaldehyde resin) and component B (aqueous solution of organic and inorganic acids).

It can be applied by spraying (components volume ratio 2:1) or by regular foaming (components volume ratio 4:1). 

Minoterm can also be used to build or seal insulation and ventilation dams.

Product Image
  • Fast application
  • High efficiency
  • Low content of free formaldehyde
Product Features
  • It has the (PZH) Hygienic Assessment certificate
  • It is suitable for use in environments where fire hazard occurs
  • It provides excellent gas-insulation
  • It does not disturb gas indicator readings
  • Thanks to its foaming properties it can be used under various geological and mining conditions.

Product Options
  • Foam components are packed into barrels/canisters with a capacity of 20 or 30 liters.