Maximising your ore recovery

Xanthates are used as a flotation agent and have a strong material collector effect. They are mainly used to enhance hydrophobicity of the mineral surface, leading to flotation.

Xanthates are commonly used in the flotation process of sulfide minerals, including copper, lead and zinc. Flotation involves separating the mineral particles as froth from the feed.

The molecular weights of Xanthates range from 140 to 200g and are supplied as water-soluble powders or pellets.

They are usually applied as 2% to 20% solutions and water solubility varies between 110 to 460 g/l, increasing at higher temperatures.

We offer assistance in the selection of appropriate flotation agents for your project.

Product options
  • Sodium ethyl
  • Sodium isobutyl
  • Sodium isopropyl
  • Sodium isoamyl
  • Potassium equivalents
Available packaging
  • Drum 110-150 kg
  • Bag 350-450 kg
  • Bag 700-900 kg