Capcem™ Sindele Plus 35

Capcem™ Sindele Plus 35 is used for easy grouting of rock anchors, particularly of overhead roof bolts as encountered in mining and tunnelling applications, where rapid strength development is required, and where rock temperature is typically 35°C or higher.

This grout is a ready-to-use dry cementitious powder encapsulated in water permeable skins or in 8kg bags.

When required for use, the capsules are soaked in water, which is absorbed through the skin, to form a thixotropic non-shrink grout which has a fast strength gain. The grout capsules should only be used with a purpose-made Capcem™ Grout Pump.

Product Image
  • Rapid Strength Development
  • Minimal wastage of grout
  • Chloride free
  • Non-shrink
  • Fast grout strength gain ensures rapid development of anchor pull-out strength
  • Encapsulations ensures controlled water/powder ratio, eliminates need for mixing equipment and minimises grout wastage
  • Expansion agents counteract shrinkage and ensure effective contact between bar and grout
  • Rapid strength development without the use of chlorides ensures absence of corrosion
  • Thanks to its thixotropic nature, no loss of grout occurs even from overhead holes

Product Options
  • Capcem Sindele Plus 35 grout capsules are available in woven polypropylene carrying bags with an inner polythene liner.