Capcem™ PS

Capcem™ PS pre-stressing grout is a single component grout product for monolithic packing and pre-stressing of timber packs and timber props.

It is rapid hardening, single component cements used primarily for timber pack pre-stressing.

Mixed with the correct quantity of water as tabulated, the grout has a pumping life of 20 minutes minimum at 25°C and are designed to gel within a few minutes after placement.

Product Image
  • High volume yield
  • Non-flammable and nontoxic
  • Rapid setting allows blast to be taken in the same shift
  • Single component system that allows the use of simple placing equipment
  • Suitable for use with our MK 1 pneumatic pump
  • Its high volume yield improves cost effectiveness and minimises transport requirements
  • Formulated to have <1% bleed water after 30 minutes
  • The grouts should be used with our non-weeping pre-stressing bags

Product Options
  • Capcem™ PS1 is supplied in a 13 kg bag
  • Capcem™ PS2 is supplied in a 11 kg bag