CarboLith Flex

CarboLith Flex is a non-expanding, elasticised dual-component resin having good adhesion even on moist surfaces. This product is suitable for stabilisation of fragile zones, filling of smaller cavities such as boreholes and other specialised applications.

CarboLith Flex, Component A, is a special sodium silicate with additives. CarboLith Flex, Component B, is a modified polyisocyanate.

The curing of Component A results in a silicate; simultaneously a solid polyisocyanurate/polyurea is formed from Component B. The mixture of these two components creates a tough, elastic, solid silicate resin (organic-mineral resin).

Product Image
  • Achieves its final strength much faster than other resins, even when applied in thin layers
  • Examined for groundwater- and drinking water-hygiene compatibility
  • Resistant against acids, alkali, brines and many solvents
Product Features
  • Compared to the silicate resins of the first generation, CarboLith Flex is flexible and, under the stress of strata movement, capable of dissipating deformation energy
  • Just a few minutes after application, it already exceeds an adhesive strength of 4 N/mm²
  • Its 1-day compressive strength reaches the 30 MPa and its flexural strength the 17 MPa
  • It needs to be assured that the product temperature is between 15°-30°C before processing and during application
  • Certificate of expertise on groundwater hygiene (Hygiene-Institut, Gelsenkirchen)

Product Options
  • The components can be delivered in 20/26/200/1000 l units.