CarboPur WF

CarboPur WF is a fast reacting, two-component injection resin for sealing and consolidation in water-bearing strata and against water under pressure.

CarboPur WF, Component A is a mixture of various polyols and additives and component B is a polyisocyanate.
When the mixed resin penetrates the structure to be sealed, the water in the cracks and joints is displaced due to the hydrophoby and the viscosity of the resin. Traces of water make the resin foam.

Product Image
  • Versatile - used in a wide range of injection applications
  • Very fast setting with immediate sealing effect
  • Effective in salt water
Product Features
  • CarboPur WF is a CFC-free and halogen-free product following the EN 12 715 specs
  • CarboPur WF, as a sealing material is compatible with groundwater and drinking water
  • Compatible with CarboPur WFA and CarboPur WT
  • Used for consolidation in wet and water-bearing strata
  • Used for sealing off water under hydrostatic pressure in soil, rock strata, dams or shaft walls
  • Used for the epair of wet shafts, tunnels, channels and walls
  • Used for stabilising fragmented and fractured rock layers in slope stability applications
  • The cured resin is resistant against many acids, alkali and salt brines as well as organic solvents
  • In contact with a tunnel sealing band (EN 12 637-3) no significant changes can be detected

Product Options
  • CarboPur WF, Component A - 20 kg in a can or 25 kg in a PE can or 200 kg in a metal drum or 1,000 kg in IBC
  • CarboPur, Component B - 24 kg in a can or 30 kg in a PE can or 240 kg in a metal drum or 1,200 kg in IBC