CarboThix™ are instantly thickening (thixotropic) fast curing two-component (2C) silicate resins developed for installation of rock-bolts into strata and for consolidation injection works in disrupted strata.

This product was designed to improve the productivity of ground support installation in underground mining and tunnelling applications. Using the pumpable resin enables the load to be taken up in minutes rather than the typical 24 hours from cementitious grouted systems. Typical applications of CarboThix™ include grouting of cable bolts, solid steel or GFRP bolts, self-drilling anchors and one-step bolting operations in automated mode or for consolidation injection works in direct overburden.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Fast curing time and immediate loading capacity
  • Improved operator safety
  • Thixotropic behavior of injected resin
  • Excellent mechanical parameters
  • The two components are pumped by a dual component gear pump
  • Designed for manual and automated rock-bolting process
  • No foaming even on contact with water
  • Excellent load transfer and sealing effect in one material
  • The 2C resin system ensures constant mechanical properties of the injected resin
  • It can be handled over long distances (up to 500 m) improving operational flexibility
  • Water resistant product- it will not mix with water or be diluted in wet holes
  • Improved operator safety and ease of handling as opposed to cement grout systems