Ekopur LS/G

Ekopur LS/G is a polyurethane sprayed membrane used for protection, insulation and sealing of sidewalls and ceilings, insulation of dams and roof support components. Ekopur LS/G is especially recommended as a base, ground layer before spraying other systems.

This PU system is obtained after mixing component A (poliols and additives) and component B (polymeric MDI isocyanate with additives) in a volume ratio of 1:1. Its properties allow to use the systems under various geological and mining conditions.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Excellent adhesion to various rock substrates
  • Very good hydro- and gas-insulation
  • Anti-electrostatic properties
Product Features
  • It has the (PZH) Hygienic Assessment certificate
  • It reaches a desired strength in a short time
  • It does not increase the endogenous fire risk
  • It can react in contact with salt rock or in presence of salt

Product Options
  • The components are packed into barrels/canisters with a capacity of 20 or 30 liters.