CarboLith SL

CarboLith SL is a fast reacting, non-foaming, flexible two-component silicate resin with excellent adhesive properties and a high final strength. This product is used for grout and uplift slabs in road construction, grout and repair of road structures, stabilisation and consolidation of loose rock and soil and filling of minor cavities.

CarboLith SL component A is a special sodium silicate. CarboLith SL component B is a modified polyisocyanate.

During the reaction component A hardens to form a silicate, whereas component B simultaneously forms a solid polyurea.

Product Image
  • Flame-resistant
  • Compression strength ≥ 35 MPa after 1 h
  • Cured CarboLith SL is resistant to acids, salt solutions and many organic solvents
Product Features
  • Temperature range of application ranges from 5°C – 40 °C.
  • If both components are sufficiently mixed, the resulting viscous emulsion does no longer absorb water (e.g. from the soil) and does no longer mix with water but sinks in water.
  • IKT Test Report P06904 "Freeze/de-icing salt testing of pure resins“, January 2018
  • Its 1-day compressive strength reaches the 45 MPa
  • Its tensile strength after 30 min reaches the 9 MPa

Product Options
  • The components can be delivered in 20/26/200/1000 l units.