CarboPur WX

CarboPur WX is a slow-reacting 2 component polyurethane resin, free of CFC and non-halogen, for sealing and stabilising in dry and water-bearing areas.

CarboPur WX, Component A is a mixture of various polyols and additives which reacts with the B-component to form a tough/hard polyurethane resin. CarboPur, Component B is a polyisocyanate on the basis of 4,4'-diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI).

The accelerator CarboAdd WX can be used to promote the gelling reaction.

Product Image
  • Very good ingress
  • Acting rapidly in contact with water
  • Easy to apply
Product Features
  • Free of CFC and halogen
  • The reaction time can be variable adjusted by the addition of the catalyst CarboAdd WX
  • The volume ratio 1:1 allows for a simple and safe processing
  • CarboPur WX can be used with ground or surface water
  • Used for consolidation and stabilisation of loose rock, clefts, cavities, sand or dry and water-bearing rock formations and all types of rock texture
  • Used for sealing of water tributaries (incl. salt water) from rock formations, from dams or shaft and tunnel walls
  • Used for renovation of wet shafts, tunnels, sewers, construction including underground infrastructure or brickwork
  • Used for sealing of excavation and sheet pile or slotted wall in groundwater
  • Used for sealing and locking of cracks and joints
  • Injection resin reacts slowly to a high-strength viscoplastic duromer without contact with water
  • The product is hydrophobic
  • CarboPur WX has an excellent adhesion, also on humid grounds

Product Options
  • CarboPur WX– Component A- 20 kg in a can
  • CarboPur WX– Component A- 25 kg in a PE-pail
  • CarboPur – Component B- 24 kg in a can
  • CarboPur – Component B- 30 kg in a PE-pail
  • CarboAdd WX - 5 kg in a can
  • CarboAdd WX - 20 kg in a can