Super Turbo Bolter

Super Turbo Bolter is designed for the drilling and installation of roof bolts and long tendons in mining and construction applications. This innovative, low-maintenance bolter offers high drilling speeds, flexibility and rapid set-up.

Its design enables it to achieve 50 % more thrust during drilling or bolt installation compared to other machine types which require a 3rd stage leg for similar reach.

The careful selection of materials and design allows the Super Turbo to be the lightest and strongest machine available which enables it to operate reliably and effectively in even the toughest mining environments.

Product Image
  • Light and strong
  • High drilling and bolt insertion speed
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Two and three stage machines are available
  • Provides effective high performance thrust
  • It has a high torque motor
  • It has an optional chuck speed
  • It has extendable legs
  • It is impact resistant, whilst its legs are made of hard non-wearing material
  • It is powered by a four cylinder high performance and low maintenance motor
  • Its four - cylinder motor gives higher and consistent power output with longer service intervals

Product Options
  • The Super Turbo Bolter is supplied in five standard sizes.
  • For further information on available options please contact your local representative.