CarboCrackSeal two-component (2C) injection polyurethane (PU) resins are specially developed for filling and sealing of water in active cracks of concrete structures.

CarboCrackSeal products are slow-reacting, permanently flexible PU resins designed for civil structure applications.

They can be used for closing working joints and active cracks and for water stopping in active cracks of concrete, brickwork or natural stone structures.

The resins have CE approvals according to the standard EN 1504-5.


Product Image
Product Image
  • Permanent flexibility of cured resin
  • Excellent penetration thanks to favorable viscosity
  • Excellent mechanical properties (adhesion to concrete, strength)
Product Features
  • Used for sealing and elastic connection of fissures and cavities in buildings and other civil engineering structures
  • Due to long reaction time, the CarboCrackSeal resins can be applied as 1C or 2C system
  • The cured product has excellent impermeability
  • Suitable for use with injection hoses embedded in structure