CarboPur WS

CarboPur WS is a fast reacting two-component injection resin according, CFC-free and halogen-free, for sealing and consolidation in water-bearing strata and against water under pressure above 15°C.

CarboPur WS consists of a Component A and a Component B. CarboPur WS (240502) Component A is a mixture of various polyols and additives, which reacts with the CarboPur Component B to a tough-hard polyurethane resin. CarboPur Component B is a modified polyisocyanate.

CarboPur WS is used for consolidation in wet and water-bearing strata. It is used for sealing against water under hydrostatic pressure from strata, dams, shaft walls and in salt-water environments.

With strong outflow of water or in case of cold water we recommend the use of Carbopur WF.

Product Image
  • Free of CFC and halogen
  • Simple and safe processing
  • Compatible with ground or surface water
Product Features
  • It is widely used in repair of wet shafts, tunnels, channels and walls
  • The reaction time can be adjusted by the addition of the catalyst CarboAdd WX
  • Construction material of normal flammability- class B2
  • The volume ratio 1:1 allows for a simple and safe processing

Product Options
  • CarboPur WS– Component A- 20 kg in a can
  • CarboPur – Component B- 24 kg in a can
  • CarboAdd WX - 5 kg in a can