Resin Bolts Type G

Resin Bolts Type G are designed for security of roof and side walls of mine workings and tunnelling as an independent or strengthening housing bolting. They also apply to strengthen and stabilise the soil on the slopes.

Resin Bolts Type G are anchors of modern design, with high anchoring and adjustment range of capacity.

Anchor rods are made of ribbed bar of nominal diameters dn = 20, dn = 22, dn = 25, dn = 28, and dn = 32 mm. Rods are threaded and beveled on its top with an angle of 45° or flat.

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  • Increased bearing capacity
  • Allow for improved binding force and bearing capacity of the bolt along its whole length
  • A wide range of anchor strength solutions is available
Product Features
  • Resin bolts G type can be hot dip galvanised or hot-dip galvanised and epoxy coated (duplex)
  • Anchor plates are made of steel sheet thickness of 6, 8, 10 or 12mm material S235JR or S355JR
  • The set of bolts is expected to use flat or draw shape plates
  • The standard version provides square-shaped size 150 or 200 mm or 150mm round shape plates