GEOFLEX is a non-expanding, elasticised dual-component resin with good adhesion even on moist surfaces.

GEOFLEX Component A is a special sodium silicate with additives. GEOFLEX Component B is a modified polyisocyanate.

Thanks to its flexibility it is capable of dissipating deformation energy under the stress of strata movement and is applicable in cracks of more than 0.25 mm width.

The curing of component A results in a silicate, whilst simultaneously a solid polyisocyanurate/polyurea is formed from component B. The mixture of these two components creates a tough, elastic, solid silicate resin (organic-mineral resin).

Product Image
Product Image
  • Final strength after 15 minutes
  • Bond strength > 4 N/mm²
  • Elastic and non-foaming
  • Achieves final strength much faster than other resins, even when applied in thin layers
Product Features
  • Applicable at ambient temperatures between 5 °C and 40 °C
  • Just a few minutes after application, it already exceeds a bond strength of 1 N/mm² and is therefore classified as “immediately load bearing”
  • Cured GEOFLEX is resistant against acids, alkali, brines and many solvents
  • Suitable for grouting coal and adjacent strata, stabilising fragile zones, grouting of injection bolts and other specialised applications

Product Options
  • The components can be delivered in 20/26/200/1000 l units.