TekSeal is a low density cement foam that can be used for general void filling and the construction of lightweight barriers, bulkheads and stoppings. Typical applications include void filling above closed-off arches in tunnel drives or after rockfalls and lightweight barriers for ventilation control.

It is supplied in 25 kg lined woven polypropylene bags and forms cement foam on mixing with water in a purpose designed placer.

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  • High volume yield improves material handling logistics and cost
  • Rapid placement - typically 50 cubic metres void filled per shift
  • Non-flammable, totally cement based
  • Remote placement can take place up to 100 m from the machine
  • Maximum pump life is approximately 15 minutes with water at 25°C
  • Compressive strength of 0.3 MPa after 28 days of curing
  • Typically, only 3 people are needed per crew

Product Options
  • Packed in 25 kg bags. Bags may also be grouped into 1-tonne bulk bags upon request.